Indian FemFit- Fitness Case Studies – Case#1 – Hard working girl who just needed a push to show up for a workout everyday

Please note personal details like name, place has been changed to keep client’s identity intact.

Case 1 – Hard working girl who just needed a push to show up for a workout everyday.

January 04, 2019, I was busy with my regular day at home when I got a message from Alina at around 8pm on my Whatsapp, asking if I Personal Train. She had checked out my YouTube Channel Indian FemFit and had seen me working out sometimes at the gym. I was in the middle of deciding to go on with my Mrs. India participation which was scheduled in March/ April then or follow my passion on the way to Fitness. Not able to decide, I informed her that I do not Personal Train as of now, however I am okay to help her. Little curious I asked her about her Fitness Goals.

Alina’s Introduction-Name- Alina Ferro

Age- 23

Height– 5’2

Occupation– Student in last semester of college, going to join job soon

Case details- Alina weighed 89 kgs back in 2017 and she worked super hard to get herself to 69 kgs. She was already training with a Personal Trainer for a year and had to discontinue due to her College’s schedule. When she approached me, she had already gained some weight, was not able to show up for workouts on her own despite the fact that she had seen her transformation happening in last year and confessed that if she had a Trainer to push her to show up for workouts daily, she would be a lot more disciplined to follow her Fitness Goals.

Insight- we all get so used to our daily schedule, home – college – office, that we keep on delaying or ignoring the health and fitness prospectives despite knowing how important it is. At this time, we all need a little push or a companion who can drag us to workout or help keeping us on track everyday. This happens with all of us at some point in time.

In next two months I figured out that Fitness is my destination and I should follow it. Got an opportunity to get certified from one of the Top Bollywood Trainers, Mr. Satyajit Chaurasia, I was ready to take up my new job of a Fitness Coach and I was happy that my passion was taking shape as my career. I started freelancing as a team member Mr. Satyajit, who then did permit me to go ahead and train anyone who needs.

(Here in the picture, me and my mentor Mr. Satyajit Chaurasia, who is country’s one of the top Celebrity Fitness Trainer. Most popularly known for Bollywood Actor Mr. Aamir Khan’s transformation in movie Gajni)

March 18, 2019 – I contacted Alina back, sceptical she might have found someone already. She insisted on a late evening session thinking I might say no to early morning, after a long discussion, we fixed to have our first session at 6:30 am.

1st Month of Training Alina-

The 1st month in The Journey To Fitness. This is the time when one might have to push himself, push to stick to the routine- to show up and while training give their 100%.

As a trainer too it’s the most important. From 1st to 5th or 6th session, a trainer has to keep a close watch on what kind of training would work. Alina on her part had amazed me with her commitment. She was dedicated and pushing herself to the maximum during training. From 1st to 4th session, I gauged what level of workouts she would be able to do well. And there we go, 1st month mostly sticking to working on Body Strength, Body Conditioning and High Intensity, we were going Strong.

One month went well. I must say Alina was no less than a pro. She would show up every morning, giving her 100% to workout and would rush to college. As she was already into healthy eating habits, I still regulated her diet and guided her on portion size just to make sure everything works in our favour. The days we won’t train together, I would help her with basic workouts which she could do on her own if she finds time.

After a month of hard work, second month was little irregular. Alina was just finishing her college, so her exams and job interviews kept her occupied. And third month, we started again, this time it worked and finally we saw weight and inch numbers changing. She had come down almost 3 kgs and lost inches too. The area we had to focus for the coming month was Legs. I was sure the stubborn fat was not ready to leave. The focus of the workout in the fourth month was to get results on that stubborn fat. With some changes in approach, we finally got results. She had lost 1.5 inches from her thighs (target area) and her clothes were fitting well. In addition her neck and face got sharper too.

Alina has started her new job now and since she has to leave home early, we have shifted our workouts from 7:30 am to 5:00 am. Sometimes we face hurdles too, like work commitments, weather conditions or health issues, one thing is consistent – 100% dedication. We are determined to show up for every class and give our everything in that one hour.

Hope Alina reaches her Fitness Goals soon and finds new Fitness Goals in this journey itself.

Following is the link to Alina’s one of the 5am training sessions, where despite heavy rains she trained at her building corridors. Really proud of her😊


Bottle Pop

We all are like a soda bottles, little shaking and we pop. So much carbon dioxide that we may look fresh and once inside.. slows down the entire system. How to create a balance? Need to inject oxygen, so we be like water. Oxygen in the form of good thoughts. Everyone should spend at least one hour of the day reading and listening to good things. When we do that in the morning it works full day for us and when we do it at night, we feel more peaceful before going to sleep.

Keeps Bringing Back

No matters how much you try

Stay away or scream and cry

It will keep bringing you back

Back to where you belong…

It is for good, not for bad

For you may find it seemingly sad

Happiness will find you if you belong

For you should be and for who you are!

She felt ‘Empowered’ by Riding a Bike 


 Women Day spree has become a sizable snippet in leading up with the best way to show women’s seized, instead of inherited power. Power of femininity, power of liberation, power which we have earned or battled for. Hoodlum excluded, I feel good about the whole transition. Looking at this transition from a macro aspect is so incredible, but when go down at the micro level, it reminds me of some silly concepts and examples like, Deepika Padukone’s campaign for Vogue. “Don’t question me if I am back home at 4am after party, MY CHOICE”… Really? Is that what you call empowerment?

Congress MP Ranjeet Ranjan rides on Harley Davidson to parliament on Women’s Day, to show what? That she owns a Harley or she could ride one? How does it impact her belief in empowering women or having reservation for women in Lok Sabha? Ranjeet said she does not allow even her husband Rajesh Ranjan, also a Lok Sabha member from Bihar, to touch the bike, which she had purchased from her own earnings. However, he does get a chance to sit pillion as she rides the American monster. Is this how one perceives or should look at women empowerment? Feminists should ponder this situation intensely. First of all why do men felt the need to form “Save Indian Families’’ forum?

In my view, Women Empowerment has been mis-perceived by most of the people going gung-ho about this matter absurdly instead of taking informed stand. Women do not demand a comparison with men to feel empowered. At the same time, men do not need to wear heels to understand women power (Arjun Kapoor, you can support better campaigns than the frivolous campaigns like ‘Wear Her Heels’). Women empowerment is when she breaks code which was set against her – to make her feel belittled. Empowerment is when few women went out to break some rules in a fruitful way and as a result India will see its first batch of Female Fighter Pilots on June 18. Previously women were not allowed to join Indian Airforce as Fighter Pilots on the ground of physical limitations. Currently, the Female Trainees are undergoing the rigorous training same as their male counterparts.

Fighter Pilots

 Empowerment is when a tribal woman in Chattisgarh sells off her three goats to make a toilet in her house. This is the power, power of a woman to take charge and turn situations. Situations and paths do not change to accommodate people, we have to make our own path if we are not happy with the one ahead of us. There are so many women around riding bikes, driving cars, does that mean they are empowered?

The question of empowerment started way back in 90s, when there was disparity between men and women – voting rights, family and social pressures, treating woman like commodity instead of an equal human being. It was not only women, but also men who equally contributed towards bringing in this change. The women who feel empowered should sit back and think about all those men who helped them who they are today. My answer would be my father to provide me education and treating me no less than a son, my husband who respects my point of view.

Empowerment is not buying luxury with your salary and expect men to provide the rest without any help. Help here does not only means monetary but emotional too. Empowerment is hand holding your family in bad times and do whatever you could do. Mrs. Sudha Murthy is the best example.

So, the question is – Where do we actually need to empower women? It is hard to fathom how slow-moving the cultural exchange within India is when you find out that there are several places across the country where harmful customs of the ancient world coexist with modern appliances and thought. Women empowerment should be seen as the creation of an environment where women can make independent decisions on their personal development as well as shine as equals in society. And the most important factor to bring in a change is literacy. Not only is an illiterate woman at the mercy of her husband or father, she also does not know that this is not the way of life for women across the world. There is a need for empowerment to women who are not treated equally and have little or no say in decision-making. The health and safety concerns of women are paramount for the wellbeing of a country, and are important factors in gauging the empowerment of women in a country. However there are alarming concerns where maternal healthcare is concerned.

Its time to rise up and take a stand. To do whatever we could do along with the greatest support we find in men. Its time to question the work of Ministry for Women & Child Development and Nation Commission for Women. To truly understand what is women empowerment, there needs to be a sea-change in the mind-set of the people in the country.





Somewhere Down The Line…

The famous dialogue from the bollywood ‘King Khan’s’ blockbuster ‘Om Shanti Om’ – “Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost” (“The game is still on”) reminds of the hopefulness and optimistic side of life. Mostly when people are juggling with the key affairs in their life, streaming through the ups and downs, rowing in the world called life, lose the focus…focus on living. Living, loving, caring, sharing – the most important aspects has to be the built in feature, but except this – everything else fills up. Focus has a great deal to do with it. So, what is more important? Living a meaningful life, peaceful, happy, rich – words are often mistaken for something else that is ‘devil-like’. The true way to look at life according to me is – Meaning without being mean, peaceful without spoiling the peace of others, happy without making others sad and rich without snatching other’s right. Am I making any sense?

One of my favorite ‘What goes around comes around’ by singer Justin Timberlake literally clears some clouds, the line itself is a bitter truth – and in another track where Timberland says “The damage is done, so I guess I would be leaving”. Don’t we tend to do follow this trait from time to time, forgetting the love and care we once shared?

Because we all know that something will work for us…somewhere down the line. Not to forget that once we reach ‘there’, there should be someone to applause, to appreciate, to be proud. Somewhere down the line, when we achieve our goals, it should not be at the cost of our loved ones, so we have all- who once supported and loved us unconditionally. Its then… then, that this ‘Somewhere Down The Line’ would be worth it:)