It’s “NATURE”, Besides the Facilities – Learning Life from “Nature’s Point of View”

Let’s see how many agree…

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Heading back from a tiring day, I noticed some trees (usually which you see around the roads while traveling). One thing which stuck my attention was – even if they (trees) are neighbors to each other, the kind of leaves (green or yellow) and whether there are fruits or not and for that matter, if there are even leaves or not – depends on the “Nature” of the tree.

Ten different trees – kept under same circumstances i.e. provided with good environment, water and sunlight, have different “Nature”. One would flourish and be green, another would bear fruits or flowers but still there would be one section – without leaves or fruits or flowers. Cactus would be one example to support this point – it would give back thrones even if it were taken care by the richest man in the world. Rose is another good example, which gives beautiful…

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