Somewhere Down The Line…

The famous dialogue from the bollywood ‘King Khan’s’ blockbuster ‘Om Shanti Om’ – “Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost” (“The game is still on”) reminds of the hopefulness and optimistic side of life. Mostly when people are juggling with the key affairs in their life, streaming through the ups and downs, rowing in the world called life, lose the focus…focus on living. Living, loving, caring, sharing – the most important aspects has to be the built in feature, but except this – everything else fills up. Focus has a great deal to do with it. So, what is more important? Living a meaningful life, peaceful, happy, rich – words are often mistaken for something else that is ‘devil-like’. The true way to look at life according to me is – Meaning without being mean, peaceful without spoiling the peace of others, happy without making others sad and rich without snatching other’s right. Am I making any sense?

One of my favorite ‘What goes around comes around’ by singer Justin Timberlake literally clears some clouds, the line itself is a bitter truth – and in another track where Timberland says “The damage is done, so I guess I would be leaving”. Don’t we tend to do follow this trait from time to time, forgetting the love and care we once shared?

Because we all know that something will work for us…somewhere down the line. Not to forget that once we reach ‘there’, there should be someone to applause, to appreciate, to be proud. Somewhere down the line, when we achieve our goals, it should not be at the cost of our loved ones, so we have all- who once supported and loved us unconditionally. Its then… then, that this ‘Somewhere Down The Line’ would be worth it:)


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