Vinca Vinca everywhere


Bottle Pop

We all are like a soda bottles, little shaking and we pop. So much carbon dioxide that we may look fresh and once inside.. slows down the entire system. How to create a balance? Need to inject oxygen, so we be like water. Oxygen in the form of good thoughts. Everyone should spend at least one hour of the day reading and listening to good things. When we do that in the morning it works full day for us and when we do it at night, we feel more peaceful before going to sleep.

Keeps Bringing Back

No matters how much you try

Stay away or scream and cry

It will keep bringing you back

Back to where you belong…

It is for good, not for bad

For you may find it seemingly sad

Happiness will find you if you belong

For you should be and for who you are!

Somewhere Down The Line…

The famous dialogue from the bollywood ‘King Khan’s’ blockbuster ‘Om Shanti Om’ – “Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost” (“The game is still on”) reminds of the hopefulness and optimistic side of life. Mostly when people are juggling with the key affairs in their life, streaming through the ups and downs, rowing in the world called life, lose the focus…focus on living. Living, loving, caring, sharing – the most important aspects has to be the built in feature, but except this – everything else fills up. Focus has a great deal to do with it. So, what is more important? Living a meaningful life, peaceful, happy, rich – words are often mistaken for something else that is ‘devil-like’. The true way to look at life according to me is – Meaning without being mean, peaceful without spoiling the peace of others, happy without making others sad and rich without snatching other’s right. Am I making any sense?

One of my favorite ‘What goes around comes around’ by singer Justin Timberlake literally clears some clouds, the line itself is a bitter truth – and in another track where Timberland says “The damage is done, so I guess I would be leaving”. Don’t we tend to do follow this trait from time to time, forgetting the love and care we once shared?

Because we all know that something will work for us…somewhere down the line. Not to forget that once we reach ‘there’, there should be someone to applause, to appreciate, to be proud. Somewhere down the line, when we achieve our goals, it should not be at the cost of our loved ones, so we have all- who once supported and loved us unconditionally. Its then… then, that this ‘Somewhere Down The Line’ would be worth it:)

‘Time’, itself reveals the ‘Truth Behind Mysteries’

Going by the normal phases of life, we come across various situations which are not definable. Things that are illogical – which we are not able to understand , infer and reckon, neither anyone can vindicate. At this time, one gets vexed and you will often find people blaming God or the ‘Bad Time’ for it. At this stage, no one remembers the “Good Time’ or the time when God was immensely happy to shower all his blessings. There are times when we feel weak and wan, however other look so happy and in a state of complacency. Those who wish to rise up look for a support or inspiration and often end up finding a Godfather, whether in real or illusionary. This is the testing time and one feels that he or she is the chosen one to suffer every misery in the face of Earth.

Few years later, one leads off reaching his goals – still not satisfied in greed for more, but at this stage – introspection and a pat on the back is necessary to bypass the  circle. Those who looked complacent at one point in time are growing older and may be more prosperous but one has to set for himself. ‘Time’ has great power to allow each one of us to prove our own ‘Uniqueness’, it is up to us how we fare – in a good way or a bad way. The situations each one of us face are unique and common in all ways, but ‘Time’ turns around to reveal our true nature. Riches go poor in a day but the one who doesn’t commit suicide and ready to turn the next page wins the battle of life. People running away suddenly loco-mote around you but the important thing is to be strong in your values.


The once felt mysteries begin to unfold itself with ‘Time’. Without any long explanations, ‘Time’ reveals on the very ‘Whys’ we put across. “Why I failed my exam?”, “Why I don’t look like Angie?”, “Why I was born in xyz country?”, “Why he is more stronger?” are some examples of our ‘Crying Time’ when we curse every bit of self. People spend entire life showing off their power, beauty, prosperity and materials. Most of the things are done to impose a self-image, which is the ideal image to the society we are living in. Our ‘Rights’ and ‘Wrongs’ are made to match to that of the society. However, in practical approach, the ‘Rights’ and ‘Wrongs’ are highly subjective. What is ‘Right’ for me may be perceived as ‘Wrong’ from the other’s point of view.

In my opinion, one should possess good knowledge about the subject and then inspect from various point of views before jumping to any conclusions. In many cases, ‘Time’ proves a need for change in opinion as we travel through different phases and experience them personally. We should try to put our best foot forward in everything we do. But most of the people kill precious time either gossiping or making comparisons.

One is competition for himself, benchmarking should be done as per self achievements. Everyone has a gifted talent which should be found and utilized for the best. Energies should be disposed in a constructive way. No one  knows what ‘Time’ contains in its pocket. This reminds me of sports – be it cricket, tennis or wrestling – the player takes the ball, as it comes. Planning doesn’t work sometimes. One should be ready to face life the similar way. Closing eyes does not dilute the facts. So be happy, positive in the ride of ‘Time’.

Prioritizing Shiny Cars, Big Bungalows, Iphones over “People” is the new trend

Cogitating about 80s or 90s, people had a mindset to own an accommodation. It was like – acquiring a piece of land and build their “Dream House” was the only purpose of life. They deep-laid their finances and future to ‘bring home the bacon’ or accomplish this purpose successfully. During my childhood, away from all the worldly-minded mundane, I observed my parents toiled up this topic every now and then. To my surprise, this was the topic of discussion when I visited my friends too. Very often, these uncles and aunties (in India, we address every elder gentleman as ‘uncle’ and elder lady as ‘aunty’, whether they are our relatives or not), so I would continue…. these uncles and aunties would ask if we own a house or paying rent to stay.

Father, being the financier of the house – left no stone unturned for his family. Rendering the basics (food, clothing and shelter), occasionally throwing parties and arranging for holidays, he would always encourage us to save. Save electricity, water, environment, a little from the pocket-money – to imbibe the habit of saving from our early childhood. My mother – being the home minister would supervise if we could cut any extravaganzas. That is how, the down-payment for the house was arranged and rest was taken care by a housing loan. My friends who were staying on rent, also shifted to their new houses proudly. It was then considered a status symbol. People at this stage had small dreams and held strong family values, emotional bonding with others and used to socialize a lot. Two decades later, with the advancements, globalization and increasing purchasing power (thanks to the various direct or indirect credit facilities theses financial institutions came up with) people’s interest has wobbled. Once a person starts earning and saves some money, the first thing they do is – buying a car or a high-end mobile phone.

Since people are now busy with their own life and seldom find time to visit any friends, one thing for sure everyone does – getting out of their houses. Getting out to work, shopping, partying, long drive etc. – in these cars. On the street or highway, one can actually predict the financial condition of a person – by just looking at the cars they own. I remember, how people tried hard to look inside a brand new red Ferrari through the glasses and mirrors – just to recognize the person sitting inside. Is it Sachin (Tendulkar) or Imran or xyz. Funny!!! isn’t it?

Another rung of people would compete on the kind of bikes they own – 120cc, 220cc, 500cc, 1000cc and what not cc… the phones they own – “You don’t have an Iphone?” very commonly mentioned by people who own it to those who do not. During a Christmas party at one of my friend’s place, her 12 years old son’s friend asked in front of the entire lot of people attending – if they an Iphone’s charger at home since his phone battery was down and when my friend said “sorry, none of us uses an Iphone”, “Impossible, how can you guys not have an Iphone” – the kid replied, much to the embarrassment of my friend’s son, who then insisted on buying an Iphone, if not for him, at least for his father. On the same rhyme, companies are now promoting their products. People are running around, day and night because they want more, even if it is at the cost of their own health, personal life or others.


One thing missing from all this bizarre of materialism is human values – to reach our ultimate goal – goal to live a peaceful life, contributing to other’s welfare and bonding of love. One can see people fighting on property issues, legacy they want to receive and enjoy worldly comforts, ignoring the value of “Earning People”. ‘Earning People’ is the most difficult and important part of our life. Some would argue that money can even buy people, true – to some extent, but we have good examples in Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela just to name a few. Were they rich? Yes, because they had “Earned People”. If earning money was the ultimate aim, why don’t people transfer money to their homes in heaven or hell post life on earth. Really strange that one spends entire life running after money and then dies leaving everything behind. Just to state, ‘understanding our very meaning of life’ on mother Earth is crucial ‘to be happy’. The after life is just another topic of discussion.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Writerly Reflections

While growing up, we come across millions of things to explore – be it family, friends, school, neighborhood etc. We experience good or bad, beautiful and ugly. I grew up with a typical Indian middle class family’s mentality – to study well, so as to take up a good job and make a future. I had always found myself in tough situation when it came to expressing. I was really amazed to see how lyricists write beautiful songs – narrating a situation or feeling and because I could sing those songs, I was able to illustrate my state of mind. That’s how I thought of writing something which is relevant to me, my life, my situations.


During childhood, the books I used to read were only school text books and spent free time with friends & family. And one day, I found my mom’s diary. In my mom’s diary, I read songs which she liked (old Hindi movies songs) and few of her’s own creations. I asked her “Why did you write?” She replied “Sometimes, people are not able to express themselves to others due to situations, stress, tensions or may be just because they will sound crazy. If you write, it gives you equal or may be more satisfaction. In this way, you have expressed yourself well.” Slowly, I began to understand the meaning of expressing yourself and that’s how I started writing.

I clearly remember my first original composition. Before that I had written a few but felt they were inspired by some existing ones. I was 13 years old, sitting alone in my room at night and was praying for a better life. I believe I was going through teenage crisis and hence wrote my first poem in Hindi (Hindi being my mother tongue, I could express myself better). Post that I started writing everyday – expressing in poems what I felt – happy or sad, excited or dull….whatever. Apart from poems, I wrote a letter to my father (which I never handed over to him) – expressing how I thought I am a good singer and instead of wasting time in school, I should go to participate in Indian Idol (Indian version of singing reality show American Idol). But I knew that my father was more interested in me and my two sisters, studying and settling well and not to struggle in some stream which is extremely risky.

Since most of my writing was related to me and my secrets, I preferred hiding it away from family or friends. I didn’t want anyone to know what’s cooking inside me – I was not sure if I was right or wrong. At small age, few ones are really not able to handle criticism. I was such a person and had waited for the right time to share them, right time – when it really didn’t matter what I thought then…

All of my writings, till recently were only for myself. Just now I felt the need of sharing and publishing – so as to explore the power of it. Also, to know what others have to say about it. It is important to know a thing from all perspectives. When we grow up, with age and experiences, we block our minds according to our convenience and lifestyle. This doesn’t mean that other perspective does not exist.

Now, I write, but before that I explore the perspectives, how people think about the subject. It doesn’t matter if I agree or disagree with them, but it gives me clarity of thoughts and strength to express my self in a better way.