Do “Cockroaches” have souls?


How many people love-like or can brook a “Cockroach”?  I don’t think many. We seek professional assistance when we notice them running around in our home or work place, don’t we? Pest control helps us escaping the situation. As a result, cockroach starts to perceive suffocation and reaches his fate. Conventionally, if any living thing suffocates and then dies, it would be called wretched and unfortunate. Why don’t we show any mercy on a cockroach?  Do they have a soul too? I am still in search for an answer, especially from the people – who claim to be philanthropic, religious and being human.

I wonder if priests feel bad when they do pest control in worship places? I am sure they do. Of course they do. We oblate flowers and sweets in the feet of the almighty god and these creatures are found easily at such places to grab a feast. When religious people preach others to be kind – not killing animals and always insulate love injections to treat other living beings well, how can they treat these small beings like muck?

Just to clear – I am not in love with any cockroach, neither a religious person. The question  just came to my mind and I wanted to put it on my wish list to find an answer. May be these pest control people – instead of killing Cockroaches, collect and take away to leave them somewhere in outskirts or teach them etiquettes. Am I sounding crazy? I really have no idea. Anyone interested to answer?